Inspiring Photographers from Paris Photo

At the Paris Photo exhibition, I seen the work of lots and lots of amazing artists and photographers. Below are just 5 of the photographers whose work really stood out to me, and influenced an aspect of my project.

Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen’s photography was the first work I seen at the exhibition, and it immediately grabbed my attention. He works in black and white, which makes his photographs look alot more old fashioned than they actually are. I think it’s really effective though, it has more of a dark, sinister feel to them and because alot of his images are quite bizarre and surreal anyway they look alot more emotive and dramatic. He is a fine art photographer, so his images are purposely meant to be more creative and expressive than other types of photography (such as documentary for instance). My own photographs for the project don’t really resemble any of his work, so I haven’t entirely used him to influence my project, but I still found his work really interesting and I think it’s really effective how his images are still surreal but they create an almost disturbing feel.

4_Ritual__2011-3 3_Headless__2006-6

Hrair Sarkissian

The collection of work I seen at Paris Photo by Luz Maria Bedoya was called ‘Istory’. I found the composition of her photographs quite striking as they are very symmetrical so it makes the images seem alot more unusual and almost abstract.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 09.55.43 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 09.52.12

Peikwen Cheng

I saw a collection of images called ‘Lost and Found’ by Peikwen Cheng, and I found them really interesting. The images are black and white and the contrast makes them quite dramatic. They were all taken outside in a landscape, and there is a significant object or item which stands out as it seems out of place there. This relates to my idea slightly as its about the perspective of which we can make ordinary things seem more unusual, so by changing the setting and putting something in a different location it wouldn’t usually be found it changes how we view it.


Karen Knorr

There is a collection of work by Karen Knorr titled ‘Fables’, which is a series of photographs showing different animals inside a building. Again, it’s this theme of having really out of place subjects in an unusual setting which helps the images tell a story.

Corridor-1237x1000 The-Battle-Gallery-778x1000 The-Green-Room-1265x1000 The-Music-Room-1-1245x1000

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